Monday, August 22, 2011

Facebook Cityville New Mission for Summer

Everbody really love summer and we will get a new taste of it at CityVille with the newly released series called Summer Lovin. Read on to find out everything about the missions in this new series!

Summer Lovin:

- Get 12 bottles of Sunscreen
- Collect from Beach Hut 7 times
- Have Sand Castle
Reward : Surfer Girl

Cruise Control

- Collect 10 times from Taffy Shop
- Send 20 Tour Buses to a Sun Glasses Store
- Request 20 Snorkels
Reward : Coral Reef

Hook, Line & Sinker

- Supply 5 Cruise Ships
- Harvest 40 Cabbage
- Send 30 Tour Buses to Cinemas
Reward : 2800 Coins

For the Birds

- Get 15 Pigeon bathing suits
- Collect from Jet Ski Shop 5 times
- Have 1 Fish Fountain in your City
Reward: Marina

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Zynga's Cityville Facebook Hack Tool 2011 (August Update)

Embedded video shows the new update tool for cityville game in facebook for this month August 2011.

But I never tried it yet.

Download file here:

Working 100% CityVille Hack Automated Tool. Last test august 4, 2011. Can hack coins, cash, goods and energy

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Disclaimer: Use it at your own risk.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Zynga's Cityville New Inbox

The new Cityville inbox set up and also known as zynga messaging center are now usable to all players now ! The new Zynga Social Center (ZSC), which will be substituting the current Zynga Messaging Center

Do not worry, not very much has altered, you'll be able to see they continued all the great  from the ZMC and made them even more user friendly!

Here’s a prompt Frequently Asked Questions :

Q: Will this change impact of how many gifts I can send or receive?

A: No it won't.

Q: What will happen if I accept more energy (or another item) than the maximum amount I can store in my inventory

A: Whenever you don't have enough room in your inventory for the item your are accepting you'll see the message expressing that you've gained the maximum allowed for that item and the item will not be onto inventory. Nevertheless, this item will go back into your inbox and will be waiting for you next time you open the ZSC.

Just as always, you will be able to access the ZSC by clicking on the envelope on  the upper-right hand side of your screen; it will also arise automatically as your game

The ZSC all the same looks much the ZMC, and you'll be able to accept gifts and assist requests the same way. Notwithstanding, there are two major updates that will make gifting easier than of all time!

One is that gifts of the same type will be grouped together in the ZSC, so that you can accept them all with one click.

The additional great recently enhancement is that once you return a gift you will have the option of turning on one-click gift returns for any future  gifts sent to the same friend!

To do so, accept a gift and “Send a gift back” button.

You will then see a associate pop-up to send the return gift, only this time it will accompany with check box (which is pre-selected) that will turn on one-click return gifts for that friend.

Whenever you forget that box checked, from now on you'll be able to return all gifts from that friend by simply clicking on the “Send a gift back” button; with no other steps expected!

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Cheat para sa CityVille Facebook

Download muna ito:

1. Buksan ang Charles.
2. pumasok sa CityVille (maglaro ngayon)
3. Tiyakin na maaari mong makita ang parehong CityVille at Charles sa screen ng iyong monitor bilang ang timing na ay mabilis.
4. Hanapin ang linya na ""  

5. Palawakin ito, at palawakin ang flashservice  
6. Dapat mong makita ang ilang gateway.php.
7. Kolektahin ang iyong upa at pera mula sa mga negosyo. Barya at Bituin ay ihuhulog.
8. Pansinin ang iyong kanang tuktok na sulok ng laro. Habang ikaw ay mag-click sa mga barya at mga bituin, doon ay may isang bar ng bonus. Sandali lang ang bonus bar na ito at ang nakasulat na "Magaling", mabilisang i-right click ang anumang mga gateway.php at piliin Breakpoints.  

9. Mapapansin mo sa laro na may makakuha na 30 bonus na barya. Kung tapos na ito, isang breakpoint tab ay lilitaw na ngayon sa Charles.
10. Maghanap para sa halagang ito "30" na tulad ng ipinakita sa imahe sa ibaba.
11. Baguhin ito sa 500,000 o mababa. Huwag masyadong matakaw mga isang malalaking halaga dahil ito ay hindi gagana.
12. Para tiyak na gumagana ito kaya kung 500,000 hindi ito gagana para sa iyo, gumamit ng isang mas maliit na halaga tulad ng 20,000.
13. I-click ang I-execute ng dalawang beses. Limasin ang breakpoint mula sa gateway.php
14. I-refresh ang CityVille at ikaw ay dapat makakita na ang iyong mga bagong barya.


Petures ng Facebook CityVille Cheat Tool

CityVille Money Cheat
CityVille Cash Items Cheat
CityVille Super Fast Exp Cheat
Cityville Speed Hack
CityVille Coins Cheat
CityVille Energy Cheat

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The Latest Version for Cityville Facebook Cheats

1.) Download the bot here CityVilleBot ver1.591  
2.) Extract and install CVBotSetup.exe
3.) Open the CityVille Bot
4.) Click start and wait for the facebook log-in page

 5.) Login and play cityville. The bot will now load its params and sync cityville game for the first time (wait until bot has finish working)

 6.) At this level you'll be able to at present access several settings and plugins configure them as you like (it is pretty at ease)
7.) Once your done go to the primary tab then click START and play other game or sleep. The bot are at present working, stop it by closing the window or by clicking Stop bot.

CityVilleBot Features:

    You can now select the business that you need to be collected. (save energy)
    Multi tab: Sending gift: Better logging.
    Multi tab: Sending gift: Allowing up to 3 faults befor giving up.
    Added streakBonus3 into Neighbor plugin
    Multi tab: you can now change your city name anytime (no need for signitures)
    Multi tab: Sending gifts from inventory (target specific account)
    Extra log on collectables found while running bot
    Collect Landmarks
    Collect Municipal Buildings
    Cut trees via bot
    Collect streakBonus everywhere
    You can now manage your max inventory items (2000 )
    You can now manage minimum/max goods

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How to Acquire Cityville Penthouse Towers

The solely formula to get a penthouse tower from Cityville is to be favorable enough to every which way latch on from the every day log in incentive. Each day that you log onto Cityville, you acquire coins simply for advancing the game. When you've logged in for five straight days, you're then entered into having a random risk of being able to get the Cityville Penthouse Tower. Whenever you do not get the tower (which almost people do not), then you get one thousand coins.

Whenever you don’t get the Cityville Penthouse Tower, the log in bonus resets and you have to expect another five successive days prior to being able to try once again for a chance at acquiring the tower. Ought you not log-in on day four, and so it resets itself as well. This is to promote people to play the game everyday in order that they've a chance at getting something cool.

What are the Benefits of Cityville Penthouse Tower:

1. It is exceedingly uncommon to bear a city that has a Cityville Penthouse Tower in it. Most of your friends will come to your city if you declared that you won a Cityville Penthouse Tower just because they've probably not seen anyone else with one. It is as well a warrantee that none of your friends would have it so you could always show off to them.

2. It adds up a 220 population. As likened to other constructions, this is a large amount of population. The many population you make in your city, the quicker your businesses will be able to trade their goods. This will help you have more coins and experience when you attend collect from them.

3. It gives 230 coins each day. It's easy to recall when to log back on to get the money this process and in addition to gives more money than other housing businesses may give. Decoration bonuses also apply to this building so by adding certain decorations around it, you will be able to get much more money than this.

4. It adopts a little amount of space in your city for the amount of population that it can backup. In a game like Cityville, space is an important fact to consider. Unless you plan on maxing out the amount of expansions you are able to get, you will be looking for buildings which are small and can give you the maximum of what you're anticipating. The Penthouse Tower will give you the best population and money income of any other residential building.

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Working new Cheat Tool for Cityville as of August 2011

This in the new hack for best online game on facebook - CityVille from Zynga.

This is an automated tool, so now you can do it with some clicks, without undue fun.
Don't forget to open browser, sign-in and go to CityVille game site:

Fetures Of Facebook CityVille Cheat Tool
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Cityville free bot download

Download FREE:
(Click "SKIP AD" next page and type in some data in survey and wait 10 sec for the download get started automaticly. This is for only SUPPORT!)

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